Caitlin’s Cesarean Story

This is the birth story of my firstborn child. I went into labor on Thursday, October 5, 2017, with losing my mucus plug at 12pm then at 4:30 pm started having regular contractions. Around 8 pm we called the midwife and she told us to head to St. Joseph’s Hospital.... Continue reading →

Courtney’s Cesarean Birth Story

Early in my first pregnancy, I decided that I wanted to plan for a natural, physiologic birth. I had watched The Business of Being Born and wanted to do all in my power to avoid a cesarean section and increase the likelihood that I would be successful with breastfeeding.  My... Continue reading →

Lindsay’s Cesarean Birth Story

I’d had a couple of friends that had children, but none that I intimately discussed prenatal, or labor and delivery care with. I started doing my research and realized that I wanted a doula present for my birth. I was worried about the so-called cascade of interventions that often happens... Continue reading →