Get Involved

There are multiple ways to support ICAN of Syracuse and the work we do in our community. We are a single chapter of a non-profit organization so we depend on fundraising and donations to continue what we are doing in this community. One simple way to help is to

  • Join as a member of ICAN or a Professional Member. When asked for Chapter affiliation, simply write, “ICAN of Syracuse” to denote your membership as local.
  • Volunteer to help our local chapter. Fill out the form below, it’s that easy.
  • Volunteer for positions available in ICAN.
  • Share our posts and awareness campaigns on social media.
  • Attend one of our meetings!
  • Donate to our Lending Library.

Remember, we are all in this together and every little bit helps. Thank you for caring and giving back in your own special way.

Interested in volunteering locally?

Please follow this link to let us know. We’d love to have your help and support.