Healing from a Traumatic Cesarean

Women’s emotional reactions and adjustment to cesarean birth vary widely. Although some women recover fairly quickly and accept the surgical birth as a necessary step to a healthy baby and to becoming a mother, others experience various degrees of sadness, disappointment, anger, violation, loss of self-esteem, guilt, depression, and sometimes... Continue reading →

Birth Grief

Guest post submitted by Natalie Short of ICAN of Birmingham, AL. Sadness, anger, disappointment, anxiety – sometimes our emotions postpartum are unexpectedly heavy. A lot more has been written in recent times about the legitimacy of birth grief and birth trauma, and, increasingly, women dealing with these emotions postpartum don’t... Continue reading →

CAM Birth Story: Ilka's Cesarean

This birth story, in honor of Cesarean Awareness Month (CAM), comes from Ilka Szilagyi. To have your birth story posted on this blog, email it to: blog@ican-online.org Well, my story is a tale of complicated things. First of all, you have to know that midwifery in Hungary is borderline illegal,... Continue reading →

Lauren's Worst Day

The day my eldest son was born was the worst day of my life.  I know what you’re thinking…how can you say that?  But it has nothing to do with my love for him and everything to do with the way that he was brought into this world.  I know... Continue reading →