One Layer or Two: Much Ado About Something?

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Confused by the controversy over single layer vs. double layer? You’re not alone. Whether you’re a mom worried about your own single layer closure, or a birth professional seeking more information, this online session is for you. You’ll learn what the research says about the differences between single layer and double layer closures, including often overlooked information about the role played by suturing patterns and material. Presented by Gretchen Humphries, DVM, this online session provides the information you need to be informed about VBAC.

Date: Sunday, February 28, 2010
Time: 9:00 pm EST

Other Time Zones
U.S. Central        8:00 pm
U.S. Mountain        7:00 pm
U.S. Pacific        6:00 pm
Buenos Aires      11:00 pm
GMT – Monday, January 25        2:00 am
Rome  – Monday, January 25        3:00 am
Istanbul  – Monday, January 25        4:00 am
New Delhi  – Monday, January 25        7:30 am
Tokyo  – Monday, January 25      11:00 am
Canberra  – Monday, January 25        1:00 pm

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Gretchen Humphries is the Advocacy Director for ICAN, the ICAN email list administrator, and co-leader of the ICAN of Ann Arbor Chapter. She is also a Veterinarian, working in emergency and critical care at the Animal ER Center in Southeastern Michigan. She has written extensively on birth topics and many of her essays can be found at Birth Matters. She is the mother of 4 wonderful children and the wife of a man who realized how much they’d both lost with the cesarean, after his third child was born at home. Gretchen has had one cesarean for breech twins and 2 wonderful HBACs.

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