More evidence that less is more

Evidence continues to mount that increased use of interventions in childbirth, such as induction and cesarean, are not necessarily beneficial to mothers OR babies. In a study published this month in the Journal Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine, researchers found no evidence that higher rates of cesarean benefit babies. According to... Continue reading →

CAM Birth Story: Katharine's necessary cesarean

This birth story, in honor of Cesarean Awareness Month (CAM), comes from Katharine Evaul. Katharine says, “I was suggested to send this to you because while many c-sections are unneeded, sometimes they are. At the same time complications because it is major surgery arise.” To have your birth story posted... Continue reading →

Birthrights Video

Have you seen Al Jazeera’s new documentary – “Birthrights” – about cesarean and VBAC in the United States? It features ICAN of Atlanta and others in our birthing community. Check it out!

No One Truly Benefits from Defensive Medicine

This is a cross-post from The Unnecesarean, which is in the midst of a fantastic series on defensive medicine. If you haven’t been reading the posts in this series, you can get caught up here. By Desirre Andrews, President of ICAN A woman’s pregnancy should be a positive time as... Continue reading →

Cesareans 17% more likely at for-profit hospitals

California Watch, a nonpartisan investigative reporting initiative, has released a study showing that for-profit hospitals in California are performing cesareans at higher rates than non-profits, even in low-risk pregnancies. A database  compiled from state birthing records revealed that, all factors considered, women are at least 17 percent more likely to... Continue reading →